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“It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something.”

Getting There came from my ongoing work with knee patients. When you meet thousands of people on all sides of this surgery you develop a deep understanding of the obstacles to a smooth recovery. I coached patients, interviewed them, worked with their surgeons and physical therapists. I followed their progress from pre-surgery to discharge from phsysical therapy to their return to a happy life. I gained a completely unique perspective on the entire surgery and recovery process. This prompted me, in 2017, to share my unique knowledge with as many people as possibe first in video interviews, then a blog, and in 2018, a podcast called “The Bee’s Knees.” This book is the result of seven years of work exploring what makes knee surgery and recovery a sucees… and failure.

Paul Jerome Ewing (me) was renamed “PJ” when I was three days old. As much I tried to be “Paul” in high school and college, I really was PJ. I grew up in suburban Detroit, surrounded by family, gardens and plants, and good food. I was an avid reader from an early age. I had a passionate interest in sports and music. I developed a love of the arts at The University of Michigan, and explored the theology of Catholocism at The University of Notre Dame. I began my working career in Chicago and then moved to New York, working in media, marketing, advertising, and sales.

PJ Ewing is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BA), and The University Notre Dame (MBA). He is a Knee Patient Recovery Coach, creator of the X10 Meta-Blog and founder and host of The Bee’s Knees Podcast (Knee Surgery Recovery). Mr. Ewing is the author of numerous articles about knee surgery recovery including a widely acclaimed series on ‘Threats to Knee Replacement Recovery’ in 2019.

I became an “Ad Man” right out of The University of Notre Dame starting at The Leo Burnett Company. I was so inspired by the founder and great communicator, Leo Burnett, that I ate the apples, signed in green ink and embraced the big black pencils that filled the place. I cut my teeth working on Kraft brands and McDonald’s advertising before moving to New York to work at another ad agency, TracyLocke on various Pepsi brands. I built a division of a media company called Screenvision, managing operationa and sales. I then worked in non-traditional media in New York for a small firm called Channel M. After consulting with a few other non-traditional out-of-home media companies I joined the start-up, Halley Orthopedics/X10 Therapy. At X10 I work in operations, sales and act as the Chief Marketing Officer.



Epic Tales of Knee Surgery, Recovery and Courage.

by PJ Ewing

Kevin had 10 weeks to regain the ability to work 12-hour shifts at the Port Authority of New York. If he failed it would mean a devastating hardship on his family. It was a desperate time. Ray had been playing and refereeing college basketball for thirty years. That was at an end due to bilateral knee replacement surgery… or was it? Jeff has spent his life playing sports. At 60 a failed knee recovery was putting any more activity at risk. Rita gets to meet all the great chefs as the National Food and Lifestyle Editor of The Toronto Sun. Her cosmopolitan lifestyle was declining daily due to two very painful knees. For Lois, it was merely $300,000 to get her back after a second knee replacement surgery. Maria, so young for a knee replacement, was facing decades of immobility if she did not get her knee to bend quickly.

Getting There tells the tales of these awesome people plus shares five additional essays on various aspects of recovery from knee replacement by Ralph Cork Burroughs, Mary Elliott, and PJ Ewing.

Get excited about Getting There. Listen to the voices of the many authors who made this unique collection possible.


Incredible Contributors

Meet some of the authors/knee patients who contributed to this book. I am truly honored to have such a wonderful group of collaborators. Each and every individual has worked so hard to give you an unvarnished and truthful look at knee replacement recovery: the good, the bad and the recovery. There was no getting there without these inspirational people.

We put our hearts and souls into this project to help the next knee patients recover with ease.


Donna I live in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I am 65 years old. I have a son and a daughter and am grandmother of four. At the time I wrote my chapter I was four months after my bilateral knee replacement.


Jeff At 60 years old I was ready for a knee replacement. I waited 40 years since the somewhat primitive ACL work that was done when I was in college. Technically the surgery was fine. But scar tissue made quick work of his recovery, and I required an MUA.

Lois In ten months I endured a TKA, MUA, torn patellar tendon, full leg cast, and an arthroscopic surgery on her left knee. And throughout most of this time I faithfully visited her local clinic trying to get better. A true knee replacement nightmare and then success in 2019.

Mike Wyckoff

Mike I underwent total knee replacement surgery (which included a lateral release) on May 23, 2018. I had to travel great distances to get my recovery on track.


Kevin I was just a few months away from losing my job because of numerous medical complications related to my knee replacement recovery.


Maria My recovery was in trouble after total knee replacement. I had to take matters into my own hands to make sure I got well.


Ray I am the first NCAA Basketball Referee to return to officiating after having both knees replaced.


Rita I went ahead with a bilateral total knee replacement in 2018 after much deliberation and a lot of planning.

Cork Burroughs

Cork As a church leader and now X10 Setup Tech I am glad to share my experiences with with knee patients from start to finish.

Mary I’ve worked with hundreds of people in need over the years as a counselor at Jenny Craig, as a Reiki Master, and as an Knee Coach. I am delighted to be a part of this collection of inspirational stories.

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The Drama Outside of the Operating Theater

So Interesting!

Never would I have thought that knee surgery recovery could be so interesting.

Recovery for Beginners

Patients helping patients

I want to be like Ray… and Jeff. And I am soooo happy for Kevin Loved “Getting There!”

Mary's Article

The inspiration from Mary Elliott’s article was worth the price!!

“I never guessed a knee replacement and recovery could be so dramatic.Tragic! Inspirational!”

He is a Fighter!

I needed to read these success stories!

I am just so glad Kevin got through that ordeal! Whew! I was not ready for a sad ending after all that – thank godness!

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